Gym-goers warned: don’t leave belongings in cars

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis woman said her car was broken into as she was working out in the gym.

“I have no money, no bank cards or anything with me,” said Donna Wesselman. “I had to get a new drivers license, had to get my window replaced.”

On Monday she did her normal routine. She and her friend got to LA Fitness on Southport Road at 5 p.m., and stayed for two hours. Then she got a call from her bank no one wants to receive.

“They wanted to know if I made purchases at Michael Kors in Edinburgh, I’m like ‘no, I’m working out at the gym’ and they asked if I had my MasterCard with me, and I said ‘yeah, it’s in my purse,'” said Wesselman.

Her purse was in her car. Surveillance video shows a man walk up to her car, punch in the window and steal her purse from the backseat. She said he then went on a shopping spree.

According to Wesselman, the suspect got gas, went to Meijer and spent $413, and then traveled to the Edinburgh shopping center and spent over $1,000 in an hour and a half.

Because of her bank’s fraud protection she won’t have to pay for the crime against her. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said no one should ever have to deal with this.

“What we’re suggesting is you do these simple tasks and then you will find that you won’t be as susceptible to these crimes of opportunity,” said Officer Chris Wilburn with IMPD.

IMPD suggests you leave at home any valuables you won’t carry with you, don’t leave valuables in your trunk and they said under your seat and and in your glove compartment is the first place a criminal will look.

“We’re asking people to just use a little bit more security in terms of how you protect yourself,” said Officer Wilburn.

For Wesselman, it’s a lesson learned.

“Don’t leave it in your car, either leave it at home or take it in and put it in a locker,” she said.

The guy in the video hasn’t been arrested.

We did reach out to LA Fitness, but a manager wasn’t on duty.

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