Unique Home Solutions: Bath and Window Safety

Is your home up-to-date with the windows you need to keep your family comfortable and safe? What about your bath area? Is it suitable and safe for your elderly loved ones? If you have questions as to how to assess which options might be right for you, the crew from Unique Home Solutions have a few tips!

win4As we celebrate National Bath Safety Month, here are a few things they’d like you to know. Here’s a Q and A session to help!

Q: Not all windows are the same…we know there are options out there so how do we know what is best?

A. Our triple pane windows have a u-value of .19 which is more efficient than the Energy Star Qualifications – meaning our windows are 27% more efficient. Later this month the Energy Star standard is going to be .27.

Q: We have had a mild winter so far, so what are some of the signs that would makes us want to consider having our windows inspected or possibly replaced before it does get bad?

A. If you are noticing your curtains moving, feel the air blowing when you walk by your windows or have condensation you have to wipe off, or if they get frosted up – on the inside, then it is definitely time to have someone come out and take a look. These are signs that you are spending too much money heating your home and that the cold is definitely making its way in and, no one really wants to cover their windows with plastic or pay high heating bills!win2

Q. What are some ways folks can prevent accidents while bathing?

A. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, every day 370 people of all age groups suffer bathtub or shower related injuries. One of the main things to check is the temperature of the water, it should be at 1200 max., all slippery rugs should be removed and if you are noticing you are having problems climbing over your tub or have a fear of falling, it is time to see about getting a walk-in tub or lower threshold shower installed. Our Therapy tubs are safe bathing option, It is not uncommon to install grab bars for children safety as well – they are not just for older folks. And, most importantly, slow down- take your time.

win3Additional Window tips:
Free inspection for cracked panes, wood rot, draftiness, frost, condensation, outdated

Other things to consider for bath safety:
-keep a phone handy, just in case
-install grab bars
-clean up all spills as soon as possible
-be aware of using aerosols – hairspray, deodorant – they can leave a film on smooth surfaces

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