Workout Wednesday with Tim

Already struggling to add a workout into your everyday routine? Well, Firefighter Tim is here to share his secrets to sticking with your fitness goals all year long. Tim says for him, it’s not about New Year’s resolutions, it’s about living a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. His strategy? To make small goals throughout the year, maybe 6weeks here for a race then 8 weeks for a vacation, and next, maybe 4 weeks for your yearly physical. He says this keeps you feeling motivated for the whole year!

Watch Tim give us a few tips and show Amber a dynamic warmup that can get your heart rate up and your body moving!

pushups Here are the full steps to the workout:

Step one:  standup straight, chest up, shoulders back, and now tighten core. Now you’re ready to begin.

1: Shoulder roll forward and back, 30 seconds each.

2: Windmill your arms forward while marching in place for 30 seconds, using your core to raise your knees. Then reverse your arms and draw your knees up and back for 30 seconds.

3: Arms and fingertips stretched forward parallel with the ground and alternate opening arms side to side. Do this for 30 seconds.

4: Next, step into a slow lunge stretching your fingers in front of you as if you are presenting a gift to someone. Alternate this movement from one side to the other 3 or 4 times.

5: Walk down into a pushup position and complete 3 pushups.  Walk back to standing position. Walk back down and repeat once more.

6: Now move into jumping jacks for 30 seconds; then move into power jacks (a squat to jumping jack) for 30 seconds.

7: Move into speed skater bounding for 15 seconds; then move into running in place kicking your buttocks 20 seconds, finishing with high knees for 20 to 30 seconds.

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