5-year-old saves grandmother in Virginia

(Provided Photo/WAVY-TV)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Lonzena Hankins describes her 5-year-old grand-daughter Sarai Hernandez as an old soul.

“If she wasn’t here and I had passed out, because I don’t remember any of that, no telling what would have happened to me,” Hankins said.

Hankins says around 6 a.m. Sunday morning she felt her sugar dropping, and she tried to warn Sarai.

“She didn’t say nothing. Then she didn’t respond anymore I had to call me daddy,” Hernandez recalled. Sarai found a cell phone and called her father.

As quickly as they could, Norfolk rescue crews arrived at the Stonebridge Manor Apartments. Captain Wayne Oporto of the Norfolk Fire Department said they had a little trouble when they first arrived on the scene.

“We used the lock box key that the apartment provided for us and that didn’t work on the door,” he recalled.

When family and rescue crews couldn’t get inside. Sarai’s father called her back.

“He said I need you to put some pants on, go down the hallway and I need you to get on the elevator, but I’ll stay on the phone with you,” said Sarai.

Following his orders, Sarai by herself went all the way through the apartment building to the front door to let in rescue crews.

Hankins believes without Sarai it would be a scary thought, “I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have been here.”

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