Hamilton County under travel advisory

(Gary Gallinger / WISH-TV)

HAMILTON COUNTY (WISH) — The National Weather Service has issued a yellow travel advisory for Hamilton County until Tuesday afternoon.

Officials are warning drivers about the dangers of gusty winds and drifting snow on the roads during the morning commute.

Traffic was moving along 146th Street and River Road Monday evening.

The Hamilton County Highway Department said the prep work to clear the snow happened the day before.

“We typically load the trucks. We load it with brine. We do anything we can to prepare ourselves better so when we get guys in here they clock in and they head straight out for their routes,” said Brandi Tarner, Public Service Representative for the Hamilton County Highway Department.

Tarner said the department is ready for the second round of snowfall with anywhere between one to two inches expected.

The department has 23 plow trucks and more than 4,500 tons of salt on deck.

“We’ve been very fortunate with a very light winter. It was kind of getting back into the swing of things,” said Tarner. “Our guys they’re great and they just pick right back up where they leave off.”

Preparation is the key every winter, but for some people they’re already thinking about warmer days.

“We came from California 1997 my wife says let’s move on out my sister lives out here I said I don’t want to leave the beaches but she insisted so here we are,” said Joseph Hammock, who is not a fan of snow.

Despite the freezing weather, Hammock said it’s better safe than sorry.

“Make sure you have your ice melt, your shovels, and everything make sure you look out for your neighbors and all that just to make sure everybody’s safe,” said Hammock.

Meanwhile, other people don’t mind the winter months.

Jorge Savinoo said depending on how much we get he might have to go to work early.

“I work in the school. We try to be there if we have a lot of snow early in the morning to make sure everything is clear for the kids,” said Savinoo.

The Hamilton County Highway Department is reminding drivers to keep a safe distance when driving behind a plow truck. The department said you want to stay back at least a couple hundreds of feet while the roads are being treated.

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