Restaurant owner saves young girl who was kidnapped, raped

(Photo Provided/NEWS10)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A young woman may not have survived had she not escaped her alleged captor’s apartment and run for help.

Police said it happened Saturday around 7 p.m. The young woman was robbed, kidnapped and then taken to an apartment building, where she was raped. She may not have survived had she not somehow made it out and run to safety.

Police said the young victim in her early twenties somehow freed herself from inside the apartment. Naked and terrified, she ran for her life down the street toward several busy bars and restaurants.

It was at the back door of a restaurant where the young victim was found knocking on the door for help.

“She said someone stole my car and raped me,” the restaurant owner said.

This owner who preferred to remain somewhat anonymous is the person who helped the desperate young woman. She says she protected the rape victim from the prying eyes of her diners, by quickly helping her into a closet.

“I literally moved her so quickly and she was covered up in a small towel or something. So I just blocked her and moved. I happened to have a change of clothes as I was calling 911,” the owner said.

Police say they had a good description of the alleged attacker, from the victim and from another woman who claimed she’d been robbed in the area just hours before. Police say ex-convict Jose Marlett was spotted on the street and arrested in short order.

Police say Marlett has been in prison before and has been locked up without bail. He’s facing several charges including rape, robbery, kidnapping and possession of a weapon.

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