Trash delays cause headaches for Hoosiers

(WISH Photo/Jeff Wagner)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Wednesday’s bitterly cold temperatures canceled trash pick-up, a decision that didn’t sit well with some homeowners.

Some argued if other people had to work outside in Wednesday’s cold, why couldn’t garbage collectors do the same?

Outside of the frigid wind whipping flags back and forth, there wasn’t too much movement happening at Republic Services on the near west side, specifically with its garbage trucks. The Indianapolis Dept. of Public Works delayed pick up, which also affected is contracted companies Republic Services and Waste Management.

Some people we talked with understood DPW’s decision as soon as they took a step outside.

“I would not want to be working outside eight hours for a day in this cold weather,” said Kentin Gearhart. “Especially with the wind and stuff we’ve had lately.”

Not everyone had that luxury of escaping a day in the cold weather. UPS drivers were out making delivers. Children in Indianapolis took the bus to school, a comparison that didn’t sit well with some parents on social media.

One woman wrote “So I can send my kid to the curb at 6:26am for bus pick up, but they can’t get my trash can four hours later?” Another person wrote “This is such bull. The trash can’t be picked up but the children have to get out in the frigid cold.”

Homeowner Chris Corr knows where the parents are coming from, but also disagrees.

“There are different factors at play with the garbage pickup and think we need to be understanding of that,” he said.

One factor is the equipment. DPW’s spokesperson wasn’t in today, but a former spokesperson told us freezing temperatures can lock up the hydraulics on the truck.

That’s in addition to their concerns about their workers. We’re told some have gotten frostbite in the past.

“I would be concerned if it was delayed more than one day, if they didn’t do pick up at all this week,” added Corr.

Pick-up will only be delayed one day.

DPW is working on a slide schedule, meaning people expecting trash collection today will get it Thursday.

Those expecting collecting Thursday will get it Friday, with the same pattern continuing through Saturday.

Regular trash collection will resume Monday.

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