Greenwood buying property to improve intersection

Mrs Curl

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — As the number of people living in Greenwood has increased, so have issues with traffic.

The city is conducting traffic studies specifically in the downtown area.

The city is looking for the best ways to improve flow of vehicles and pedestrian safety.

This week the Redevelopment Commission made a move to invest more money in helping traffic flow on Main St. downtown.

The commission approved funds to buy a house at the corner of Main St. and Meridian St.

It is one intersection the city wants to improve and improvement might come with a side benefit for local ice cream institution Mrs. Curl.

On this winter day at Mrs. Curl, it’s melted snow dripping on the ground instead of ice cream.

But that doesn’t stop fans like Alayna Burch from dreaming about summer-time treats.

“It’s hot and then you stand in line and you’re sweaty, your clothes are dripping wet and then you get the ice cream and it’s just like it feels so good,” she said.

She visits the shop with her family all the time during the open season and they usually walk.

So her mother Abby Burch said safety near Mrs. Curl is paramount.

“Especially with having my kids and now we have a new puppy, traffic can be very scary,” Abby Burch said.

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers is hoping to improve traffic in that area by working on the Main St. and Meridian St. intersection.

“We really need to widen the intersection at some point in time,” he said.

The city is buying the house on the corner of East Main Street and, more importantly, the land on which is sits.

The house will be torn down, making way for a wider intersection and more parking in the future.

“More parking spaces for Mrs. Curl which is right behind us, and also just city parking spots,” Myers said.

Finding parking is an issue because of the huge number of people who come to get ice cream during the summer.

On the busiest days the line wraps all the way around the building’s corner, but Mrs. Curl still just shares a parking lot with Archer Meats.

“I think that would be fantastic because a lot of times the parking lot is so small, sometimes is does make it hard to find parking,” Abby Burch said.

As for the plans for widening the intersection, Myers said nothing is set in stone, but it could become a roundabout.

There isn’t a timeline yet on this project.

The city is in the final stages of acquiring the property.

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