Helping kids stay active during the cold weather

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says during the winter kids are not getting the exercise they need, and if they get any it’s only at school.

This latest study shows kids get nearly half of their overall physical activity at school: about 40 percent. Experts say that is not enough. They suggest kids are active more than 60 minutes but kids in school only get about 36 minutes.

So how do you keep kids active when it’s so cold outside and especially when schools are cancelling recess? Meghan Eddington, the Youth Coordinator from the YMCA, says you have to be creative and come up with fun and interesting physical activities for the winter. Think outside the box. Anything to keep kids moving and interested.

“Childhood obesity is a huge problem,” said Eddington. “We need to keep our kids active so if it is cold outside then do something inside something indoors. It can be yoga it can be Wii fit, it can be setting up an obstacle course or a dance contest in your living room. Just very simple things to be doing with your children at home.”

Some other ideas include games like red light, green light or Twister. How about a 2-minute pick-up challenge? Help kids pick up as many toys as they can in 2 minutes and reward them.

Places like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the YMCA most time offer classes and programs for the whole family. At the YMCA they have tumbling classes, basketball, soccer or swimming programs and even family group exercise classes like yoga and Zumba.


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