Indiana Supreme Court to hear case in original state capital

(WISH Photo, file)

CORYDON, Ind. (AP) — Indiana’s high court will participate in the state’s bicentennial celebrations by hearing oral arguments in the same tiny southern Indiana room that housed the state’s original Supreme Court.

The five justices will travel in April to Corydon to hear a case in the square, limestone building that served as Indiana’s first capitol building.

They’ll meet in a small, upstairs room where the court’s original three justices in May 1817 heard their first cases, including that of a stolen horse.

Court spokeswoman Kathryn Dolan says the hearing will be webcast to Indiana schools as one of the state’s official bicentennial events.

Corydon became Indiana’s first capital when Indiana achieved statehood on Dec. 11, 1816, and held that role until 1825, when the seat of state government moved to Indianapolis.

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