Security donation may help puppy left in frigid conditions

After being found in frigid conditions, a puppy is recovering. (WISH Photo)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) – A sad situation, turned into a memorable meeting between a company president and a puppy.

On Monday, Humane Society for Hamilton County officials said camera captured someone dumping a dog in frigid conditions.

Humane Society for Hamilton County officials said the video shows someone dumping a dog, in sub-zero temperatures.

“She was dropped over the fence with a jump rope tied to her collar, and that jump rope got tangled up in some equipment outside,” Humane Society for Hamilton County Director of Operation Katie Trennepohl said.

The puppy, named Miri, is now warm, with a coat and heating blanket. “She’s been able to come out of her shell and perked up, and giving lots of kisses,” Trennepohl said.

The video was captured Monday morning on equipment donated by Hoosier Security.

On Tuesday, company president Armando Perez, visited the puppy. He wanted to see the dog, and also try and enhance the video to help deputies.

“People are evil,” Perez said. “That’s the unfiltered version. Anybody who could do that to a sweet, little animal like that is unbelievable.”

The company donated 16 cameras, plus storage space, as part of dying wishes of a client.

“They do good work,” Perez said. Budgets are limited in this type of environment and so we do what we can.”

The cameras were installed two years ago, and they were once used to help police find someone who stole from the donation box. Monday’s incident was the first time they were used to help catch someone dump a dog in frigid conditions.

Perez is working to enhance the video. And after seeing the incident, he’s not done.

He plans to donate more cameras. Actions he hopes will keep these meetings to a minimum.

“It reminds me of why we did it to begin with, which is to stop this kind of thing,” Perez said.

Deputies on Tuesday, told 24-Hour News 8, they’re investigating the case.

They said the person who left the puppy could receive a violation from the county for animal neglect. They could also receive a misdemeanor for abandoning an animal.

As for Miri’s future, the humane society has a lot of interest. Right now, they have to wait on the investigation, but are reviewing applications to find a home.

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