Cleanup in Indy underway after snowfall

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The snow has come and gone, but the cleanup in Indianapolis has begun.

DPW crews will be back out on the roads again overnight to make sure Thursday morning’s commute is a safe one.

“Right now they are a lot better than they were this morning,” Chad Miller of Westfield said.

The roads and the cold temps are the biggest concerns for Hoosiers.

It’s gotten so cold that some are experiencing car trouble.

“I’m just giving them a jump, they asked for a jump,” one Good Samaritan said.

Meanwhile, DPW crews have been working around the clock to keep the roads clear.

Mission accomplished in most spots.

The Wednesday evening commute proved not as bad as Wednesday morning’s.

“When I got off work this morning it was snow-covered everywhere. People were sliding, I was sliding myself and everything,” Katherine Hunt said.

Adam Hunt drove from Bloomington to Indy to Muncie and then back home to Bloomington.

“It will take a little bit longer then it normally would. I think as long as I stay slow and stay under control so I can catch myself if I fishtail, I’ll be fine.” Adam Hunt said

The drivers we spoke with applauded the Marion County DPW.

“I think the city has done a better job this year than in previous years.” Chad Miller added.

And now the concern is the stuff that you can’t see.  The black ice, as one driver put it, could be a problem.

It’s almost worse to drive in those conditions because you think it’s safe and it’s not.

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