INDOT: Timing was everything in Wednesday storm

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – INDOT crews and commuters are hoping for an easier commute than the one on Wednesday morning.

The snow storm slowed traffic down to a snail’s pace.

“The snow was accumulating on the roadways faster than the salt was melting it,” said Nathan Riggs, a spokesman for INDOT. “Once that snow stopped and moved out, moved out to Ohio, our crews really made some significant progress clearing the roads and getting more black top showing.”

INDOT said they were prepared for this morning’s storm, but say they can’t control Mother Nature.

They said the storm was all about timing.

“It was tough early going, but I was out early too, so the snow was really coming down when I was out so,” said Roger Allen on the city’s east side. “It was bad, I was out at about 5:30 a.m. and people were going about 20 miles per hour.”

State Police in Pendleton reported 50 accidents and slide offs. And there was a five vehicle pile-up in Huntington County this morning closing I-69 Southbound

“The timing of the storm was worst case scenario, and the temperatures definitely aren’t helping us out,” said Riggs.

Riggs says the storm came in the coldest part of the night, and any pre-treating was overpowered by the low temperatures.

“Salt works less and less efficiently as the temperature drops. It just melts the ice slower,” said Riggs.

And they say when it finally came time to make a dent in the removal, it was time for the morning commute.

“Anytime we get snow coming down, especially during the morning commute, drivers need to anticipate that things are going to be slow going,” said Riggs.

“The roads are OK if you know how to drive,” said Damon Smith, on the east side. “The key thing is driving slow and taking your time.”

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