The importance of the mind and body connection in teens

Emotions and teenagers. They seem to go hand in hand, right?! Psychotherapist Dr. Erin Leonard gives us some advice on how to help prevent anxiety and depression in teens and keep them healthy, in both body and mind.

Here are a few of Dr. Leonard’s suggestions:

1) When the mind and body collaborate intricately and simultaneously on an activity, you feel whole, centered, focused, and alive. Anxiety and depression is alleviated.

2)Traditional examples include: yoga, tai chi, and martial arts. However, sports, dance, painting, drawing, and creating music are all activities which sustain the mind and body collaboration.

3) In childhood, play keeps this connection sustained and healthy. Crafts and creative hobbies also preserve the mind and body connection in childhood.

4) Yet, as the child progresses into adolescence, they play less. In addition, their body feels unfamiliar and foreign. Often, teens don’t like their bodies and feel at odds with their bodies. It is essential, at this point, to help them feel whole and centered again. This can be done through getting them involved in mind and body activities…. Sports, arts, music, and dance.


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