4 new flavors introduced for Lay’s Flavor Swap contest

(Provided Photo/Lay's)

(WISH) – Looking to swap out your favorite Lay’s potato chip flavors with something new? Lay’s has answered your request.

Starting on Feb. 8 Lay’s will “swap” out a few classic flavors for four new flavors in their Flavor Swap contest. The public will then vote for the flavor they like better.

The new flavor swaps will include, olive oil and herbs vs. sea salt and cracked pepper, fiery roasted habanero vs. flamin’ hot, Korean barbecue vs honey barbecue and smoked Gouda and chive vs. cheddar and sour cream.

The contest will go until March 21. Each day someone could win $1,000 in the daily giveaway and one lucky person could win $250,000. All you have to do is vote on Lay’s website and you are entered.

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