ISP inspection showed no issues with bus in fatal accident

A school bus crashed Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. (WISH Photo)

LAWRENCE, Ind (WISH) – A report shows school bus 244 was inspected several hours after a crash on Tuesday that killed Amy Beverland Elementary School principal Susan Jordan and injured two 10-year-old students.

The female driver of the bus told Indianapolis firefighters she was not sure what caused the bus to accelerate and jump the curb.

According to records, the bus had it’s annual inspection on Jan. 22 and no issues were found with the school bus. The school bus was nine years old.

Indiana law requires the Indiana State Police department to perform an annual inspection on all buses and a semi-annual inspection on buses at least 12 years old to ensure safe operation. ISP inspection procedures cover certain safety-related systems common to most school buses and multiple function school activity buses, regardless of manufacture. These procedures help provide the safest mode of transportation for students, help prevent the occurrence of crashes and injuries, and hopefully lower the cost of operation and maintenance for those school systems governed by this program.

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