Drummer falls out window at Nashville bar, finishes show

A drummer fell out a window at the climax of a song Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. (Photo Courtesy: Ty Anderson)

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — A video quickly spreading around the Internet shows a drummer falling through a window Friday at a Nashville bar.

Fishers resident Ty Anderson told 24-Hour News 8 he and his wife were in Nashville Friday when he recorded the video.

He says it happened as The Don Kelley Band finished “Ghost Riders in the Sky” in front of a live audience at Robert’s Western World.

The drummer is seen standing up in the final moments of the song, losing his balance and falling out the window to the sidewalk outside.

The drummer, Stan Saxon, said he stood up to thank the crowd at the end of the night when he fell through the glass window of the legendary Nashville honky tonk, WKRN reports.

“My ear monitor pulled me back, felt like somebody grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me to the ground. It was like the window wasn’t even there. The next thing I knew I was looking up at shards of glass going, ‘how did I get out here’,” Saxton told WKRN.

Patrick Harrigan, who was visiting from Chicago, was standing on the sidewalk when the glass shattered on him.

“I was standing here with another couple waiting to get in and give my ID to the bouncer and all of a sudden ‘crash’ and the drummer fell out right on top of us and [there was] broken glass everywhere,” Harrigan explained to WKRN.

Not only did Saxton finish his set inside the bar, he also went across the street and played another four hours.

“I was thinking the show must go on, I’ve got a job to do.” said Saxon.

Video of the incident on YouTube has has racked up tens of thousands of views since being posted Friday.

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