Butler University releases active shooter training video

(Provided Photo/Butler University)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Butler University is hoping to raise awareness about preparedness with a new training video for students and staff.

The video shows an active shooter on campus and runs through the different scenario of what to do. It was released last month on YouTube.

The “response to an active shooter” video is getting a lot of attention on campus Monday evening. The video is more than six minutes long and features real life officers, students and staff acting out the scary scenario.

“I’m happy that they’re taking precautions,” said Camille Cousins a senior at Butler.

Cousins is studying Biology and Spanish. She said she has seen the video once before. Even going through an active shooter training as part of her job on campus.

“It wasn’t as formal as other presentations in regards to like CPR or like blood borne pathogens,” said Cousins. “It wasn’t a formal presentation in that sense.”

Her friend Damesha Wells is a junior. She said she’s glad the university is being proactive and moving forward with the video.

“It will open your eyes and I think when it comes thinking differently,” said Wells.

She admits she could do a better job at being more aware of her surroundings.

“To be honest I don’t. We go here everyday, we live on campus, we eat here, we sleep here you know,” said Wells. “We don’t think of these things happening. We’re not constantly on alert.”

For other students like Cameron Alford, he said the video was hard to watch. Knowing the possibility that an active shooting could happen at his campus.

“I think it’s really a great way for Butler to kind of prepare for that,” said Alford, a senior at Butler. “But it’s just weird to think like okay in the Butler bubble this is what could
possibly happen.”

School shootings across the country, have left administrators on high alert. The university is encouraging students to be more aware of their surroundings and to use training concepts like run, hide and fight to help during the situation.

The concept originated from Texas.

“Just think of the three concepts and develop a plan whether you’re in your dorm, in a classroom,” said John Conley, director of Law Enforcement and Security Services at Butler. “Let it carry over to your everyday life on preparedness.”

Since the shooting in Oregon, the Butler University Police Department received calls from different groups on campus asking for officers to talk about training.

The department said its working on putting together an official presentation.

You can watch the full video below:

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