Police: Sex offender check leads to pot bust

(WISH Photo)

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — A Madison County Sheriff’s deputy said he uncovered a marijuana grow operation last week while he was doing a routine check on a sex offender.

Deputy Tim Fout said he was making sure Christopher Hossman—convicted of child molesting in 2003—was still living at his registered address. Fout says he didn’t find him there, but he got a tip that Hossman was staying in another house with a friend.

Fout said, at the second address, he found Hossman and more than 30 marijuana plants.

“I’ve driven through that neighborhood before in the morning and seen a bunch of kids going to get on the bus,” Fout said. “Just knowing that’s no longer there is very comforting for me.”

Detectives said they also found marijuana seeds and equipment used to grow marijuana.

Fout said Hossman wasn’t growing the pot; he claimed it was his friend. The sheriff’s office declined to comment on any charges for the person who was growing the marijuana. Officials said that the investigation is ongoing.

Hossman is now facing a felony for failing to update his address.

The county lists more than 300 sex offenders and their addresses online. Hossman’s address has now been updated to 720 Central Avenue — the Madison County Jail.

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