Police impersonator pulls over man in Columbus

Columbus Police
(WISH Photo, file)

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WISH) — Detectives are looking for a police impersonator after a driver said he was pulled over in Columbus Wednesday morning. Police are investigating whether it’s the same impersonator who was pulling people over in the fall.

A driver said a man pulled him over Wednesday in an unmarked black Dodge Charger with police lights. That’s exactly how people in Columbus and Anderson described a police impersonator in October. Detectives haven’t found the impersonator.

Police said the driver of the Charger was not wearing a badge on Wednesday. The victim told police he asked the suspect to provide identification. The suspect refused and tried to open the victim’s car door before the victim drove away and called police.

Friday’s incident and the October incidents in Columbus both happened on I-65.

“It is cause for some concern,” Columbus Police Department Lt. Matt Harris said.

Harris said Columbus police use an unmarked black Charger, which is also the same model reported in a police impersonation in Anderson last fall.

According to state law, an officer is required to wear a full uniform when making traffic stops in an unmarked car.

“We don’t get these calls often. Usually once every couple of years,” Harris said. “It detracts from the trust the public has in law enforcement.”

Harris said a real officer will show ID when asked. He also encouraged drivers to call 911 or ask for another officer if they’re unsure of a traffic stop’s legitimacy.

The same detective is investigating both police impersonation cases in Columbus.

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