Kyle Cox facing federal charges, won’t be jailed while awaiting trial

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said it will take a day or two before former Park Tudor basketball coach Kyle Cox is transferred to the VOA facility.

The faith-based organization has several locations across Indianapolis.

It offers a number of different services for veterans, seniors, and for those going through pre-trial or post-trial conviction in the criminal justice system.

24-Hour News 8 learned Kyle Cox will soon be staying at the Volunteers of America facility on North Capital instead of jail.

The facility known as Brandon Hall is home to around 160 men and woman. Many are part of the re-entry and veterans program.

“Brandon Hall facility is for the Federal Bureau of Prisons men and woman and also for a portion of our Department of Correction female clients,” said Mary Leffler with Volunteers of America. “They’re all housed in separate dormitory, of course.”

Leffler is the director of community engagement for VOA Indiana. She said the organization has a working contract with several agencies, like the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indiana Department of Corrections and Marion County Community Corrections.

“Within each of those contracts, we provide a wide variety of services. In the federal contract, we are providing pre-trial and post-conviction services at our Brandon Hall location in Indianapolis as well as Evansville, Indiana at our Holt Hall facility,” said Leffler.

Leffler could not comment on the details surrounding Cox’s transfer. But according to the release order, there are 14 conditions.

Some key conditions include remaining on 24-hour lock down status. Cox may not leave the VOA unattended.
He’s prohibited from going online, receiving phone calls, drinking and contacting anyone from Park Tudor.

“We will provide 24/7 custody and supervision. We will provide an initial assessment. Any clients that are in a pretrial status are encouraged to become involved in our services that are offered in house,” said Leffler.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said a trial date has not been set for Cox.

Conditions of Cox’s release are listed in federal court documents as follows:

  • The Defendant is ordered to be transported to the Volunteers of America-Indiana facility (“VOA”) located at 611 N. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 where, pending trial, he is to remain on 24-hour-lockdown status except for emergencies. This lockdown status is imposed in lieu of electronic monitoring as required under 18 U.S.C. ‘ 3142(c)(1)(B).
  • The Defendant may not leave the VOA unattended. He is only to leave for court appearances, attorney visits, or other appointments as pre-approved by the United States Pretrial Services Agency. The Pretrial Services Agency will make arrangements for the Defendant to be accompanied anytime he leaves the VOA for one of these specified activities. He must be accompanied by someone other than a relative.
  • The Defendant is prohibited from accessing the internet or possessing any internet-enabled device while being housed at the VOA.
  • The Defendant shall avoid all direct and indirect contact with any person who may be a witness or victim, any potential co-defendants, and any current or former Park Tudor students, faculty members, or administrators except through counsel.
  • The Defendant is allowed to make phone calls pursuant to the VOA’s telephone policy; however, he may not receive phone calls.
  • The Defendant must cooperate in the collection of a DNA sample if the collection is authorized by 42 U.S.C. § 1413(a).
  • The Defendant shall refrain from the use of alcohol.
  • The Defendant shall refrain from the use or unlawful possession of a narcotic drug or other controlled substance defined in 21 U.S.C. § 802, unless prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.
  • The Defendant shall surrender his passport to the United States Probation Office for the Southern District of Indiana and shall not obtain a new one.
  • The Defendant is prohibited from traveling inside or outside of the district except as provided above.
  • The Defendant is prohibited from possessing any firearms, destructive devices, or other dangerous weapons.
  • The Defendant shall not possess any pornography, erotica, or nude images.
  • The Defendant shall not have any unsupervised contact with any minor child, except any child of his own, unless the contact has been disclosed to and approved by the United States Probation Officer.
  • The Defendant is to comply with all other VOA rules while being housed at the facility.

During a hearing on Feb. 8, judge Debra Lynch initially ruled that Cox could be released while awaiting trial. Prosecutors announced their intention to appeal the ruling, leading Lynch to issue a stay.

Prosecutors argued that Cox was dangerous and that he interfered with the investigation by contacting Park Tudor students via text message. Prosecutors revealed that his alleged victim had been assaulted after Cox resigned from his position. He was also accused of trying to have his victim lie to cover up his acts.

The investigation into Cox was first brought to light in early January after a search warrant was served at Park Tudor. The investigation continued until Cox was arrested on Feb. 4.

Court documents detailed an improper relationship between Cox and a student that played out over text messages, Snapchat and Instagram. The girl’s father found out about the alleged relationship and went to the school with his findings.

Court documents allege that the school’s attorney and now-deceased headmaster failed to notify authorities until three weeks later when the search warrant was served.

On Feb. 12, Park Tudor hired a second lawyer to conduct an investigation.

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