Countdown to Oscar Sunday is all about the face!

Put your best, most fresh face forward this spring, with the help of beauty and lifestyle expert, Bahar Takhtehchian. Bahar shares top celeb tips, so you can look your best just like top award-season celebs walking the red carpet!


The secret to celebs’ red carpet mesmerizing looks always starts with a fantastic smile. How do Hollywood A-listers achieve their confident smiles? By whitening and straightening their teeth. They’re many whitening products on the market that can be used over numerous days or you can go to your dentist to have your teeth whitened at the office, which usually takes about an hour. To straighten teeth, Hollywood trendsetters like Anna Kendrick, Katherine Heigl and Zendaya all know first-hand that clear aligners provide a discreet option for anyone looking to straighten their teeth without the hassle and embarrassment of traditional wire and bracket braces. And since hardly anyone even notices when someone is in treatment, many celebs get their teeth straightened while they’re in front of the camera attending premieres and rep carpet events.



To make eyes pop, celebs and their makeup artists always make sure to use an undereye concealer. A good undereye concealer can help brighten the undereye area and diminish the appearance of dark circles. This instantly awakens any face and helps to achieve a more rested and youthful look. The best kind of undereye concealer has a creamy texture that allows for easy blending. And expert tip is to apply creamy concealer with your ring finger. Your body’s natural warmth will help “melt” the concealer so it goes on easily.



Celebs get their youthful glow by exfoliating their face once a week either at home or at the spa. Face masks that contain active fruit enzymes like papaya and lemon are wonderful at sloughing off dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover. Dead skin cells make skin look dull, dry, and flakey and weekly exfoliation helps to get rid of these skin cells so new, healthy skin emerges. Exfoliation also helps your favorite serums and moisturizers penetrate more deeply so they work better.



A good hair day can make you feel like a million bucks. Celebs often get professional blowouts and they often try to refrain from washing their hair for days in order to maintain their look. The best way to make your blowouts last longer is to use a silk pillowcase. Not only are silk pillowcases luxurious, but they also have beauty benefits. The smooth fibers prevent you hair from getting tangled or frizzy and the fibers also help prevent sleep creases that can often turn into permanent wrinkles.

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