Day care worker charged with battery and strangulation

(Photo Provided/IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis day care worker has been charged after being accused of throwing a child backwards and strangling him with his coat.

Charley Futch Jr., referred to “Uncle Chucky” by the victim, has been charged with battery on a person less than 14 years old and strangulation, both felonies.

Futch, 39, works at Nanny’s Loving Care on West Washington Street. Police said the victim was a 6-year-old boy had been at the day care for about two months when the incident occurred.

According to court documents, he threw the child to the ground and choked him using his coat.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Charley Futch Jr., 38.

Police say another child in the day care filmed the event because he thought “it was a bad thing.” The child then showed the video to his bus driver.

The bus driver notified administrators at McClellan Elementary. Parents were called and the school nurse examined the boy.

His mother said she would drop him off in the mornings.

She told investigators she received a call from his elementary school about the incident.

When asked about the incident, the child said “Uncle Chucky treated me like a dog.”

When asked about the allegations, Futch said that there was no reason to toss the child but he had frustrated him. He did not remember throwing him backwards as the video showed.

A concerned father of two said his heart breaks for the little boy and his family.

“It’s so wrong and it’s hurtful and I pray for the family. It’s emotional and it hurts people’s hearts for kids to go through stuff like that,” said Damon Lyles, a concerned parent.

Lyles said he doesn’t know anybody at the daycare, but knows the allegations are disturbing.

“People should look out for the kids and do more things for the kids instead of doing bad things and abusing the kids,” said Lyles. “Nobody should touch a kid and it’s wrong to touch a kid or anybody period,” said Lyles.

No arrest has been made in the case.

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