Family of slain teen finds closure after his body is found

Timmee Jackson's body was found on Feb. 22 (Photo Provided/Jackson family)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A family is in mourning after the body of a 15-year-old was found Monday.

Timmee Jackson was believed to be dead after he vanished Christmas Eve.

His friend, 16-year-old Satori Dionne Williams, was with him that day and is still missing.

Jackson’s family has closure now that they can properly lay their son to rest.

But they also have questions about what happened to him that night and why someone would do something so terrible to their son.

“I’m feeling pleased, blessed, and relief, this is a closure for me,” Timmee’s Mother Eileen Jackson said.

After two months of questions, Eileen Jackson and Ben White learned this week their son’s body had been found.

A fisherman spotted the shallow grave where Timmee Jackson had been buried after being killed.

“Right now it just seems like it’s still a big dream, a dream that I can’t wake up out of,” his mother said.

The last time they saw Timmee, he was excited for Christmas Eve dinner and heading over to his grandfather’s house nearby.

“He had been ready for Christmas for two weeks,” White said, “He said he couldn’t wait.”

Eileen still has the presents he never unwrapped.

“I let him pick up two pairs of shoes that he couldn’t wait to get home to try them on,” she said.

Later they found out his friend Dionne Williams was missing, too.

“Around four o’clock in the morning Ms. Williams came over to my house and knocked on my door,” Jackson said, “She asked me was Dionne here and I told her no Dionne wasn’t here and Timmee wasn’t here.”

That night began a two month long nightmare for the family, not even knowing if their son was alive.

“Every five or ten minutes, I’m jumping up looking out the window, wondering if he’s going to come through that door,” Jackson said.

They feel sorrow for Dionne’s mother, who is still without her son.

“We feel sad for her because she’s still not knowing,” White said, “He’s missing, we know from everything that he’s not assumed to be alive.”

“I’ll be praying that Dionne shows up, too, just like Timmee,” Jackson said.

Police are still searching for Dionne Williams.

Bail bondsman Kevin Watkins is charged with two counts of murder.

According to court documents, blood and human remains were found in Watkins’ yard and truck.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is still considering whether the discovery of Jackson’s body will change the charges against Watkins.

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