With new area code coming, groups urging you to dial 10 digits now

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With a new area code overlay coming to Indianapolis, regulatory groups are recommending you get in the habit of dialing ten digits.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor are urging residents to start dialing with the 317 area code as a full ten digit phone number beginning on March 19. This would mean dialing “317-555-5555” instead of just “555-5555” for 317 numbers.

Local calls made without dialing “317” first will still work through Sept. 16. This fall, the new 463 area code will be added to the Indianapolis area. The new area code will be an overlay and will be used in Indianapolis and surrounding neighborhoods. New phone numbers beginning with 317 area codes are expected run out by the end of this year. By adding the overlay, residents will not be required to change existing numbers. Calls to the new area code will not be more expensive and will still be a local call.

Southern Indiana added an overlay last year and now has 812 and 930 area codes.

Here’s a timeline with dates you need to know:

  • March 19 – IURC and OUCC recommend you start dialing local phone numbers as 10 digits with the “317” included
  • Sept. 17 – You must start dialing local numbers as 10 digits
  • Oct. 17 – New numbers will start being issued with the 463 area code


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