Elementary school technology classes one step ahead after grant

(WISH Photo)

PERRY TOWNSHIP (WISH) – An elementary school in Perry Township got a big boost recently when it comes to technology.

Clinton Young Elementary School is the only school in the state to receive a $10,000 grant from Code.org. They say around 400 schools applied from Indiana.

The grant goes toward hardware and equipment to help teach kids more about technology.

Students have been learning code for a couple years now, but teachers say new equipment means new opportunities.

“We can only do so much with software. But now, at an elementary school, we are able to have 3D printers, robotics equipment: all of those materials that really allow for the hands on learning, the hands on application of the technology concepts we’re teaching them. That’s just something we don’t really have other funds for and something that will really set us apart as an elementary school, to have those opportunities available to our kids,” said Andrea Korreck, Principal at Clinton Young Elementary.

Computer aide Mary Arnold applied for the grant and says she almost didn’t believe the email when it came in, letting her know they’d won the grant.

“Computers are going to be a big part of their world,” explained Arnold. “So to give them hands-on tools to see – what can I actually do with this, in a real life scenario, and to get so very excited about it at a young age, without the grant, none of this would have been possible.”

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade at Clinton Young will be learning how to make robots move, how to build computers and what equipment looks like from the inside.

Teachers hope kids will take the skills they use on to middle school and high school, then into life afterwards. They say there are so many opportunities when it comes to computer programming.

“As we go forward, technology is meant to expand horizons for our students. Even though it’s all around, they don’t always have access to it. It’s really to level the playing field, with access,” said Korreck.

“It is so important for them. Computers are everywhere. Technology is everywhere for our kids,” Korreck added.

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