Greenfield deer poacher sentenced to probation

(WTHI Photo, file)

HANCOCK COUNTY (WISH) A Greenfield hunter has been sentenced after he admitted to poaching deer antlers and illegally collecting feathers and skulls of hundreds of federally protected creatures.

Andrew Hastings, 54, agreed to a plea deal on Tuesday. He plead guilty to unlawful taking of a deer, unlawful hunting of migratory birds and possession of marijuana. Police say they found the marijuana after searching Hastings home.

According to 24-Hour News 8’s partners at the Greenfield Reporter, conservation officers found more than 100 sets of deer antlers, 170 bird feathers and 20 animal skulls in Hastings’ home.

Police believe he was collecting deer antlers for several years by shooting them with a high-powered rifle, cutting the horns with a hacksaw and leaving the bodies behind. According to court documents, Hasting admitted to shooting two animals and stashing the gun in a tree.

Hastings will serve two years on probation after two felony charges, five misdemeanor charges and four counts were dropped in the plea agreement.

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