Compromise reached on police body cam bill

(WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There’s been a compromise reached on a bill that would determine who can and who can’t see the video from police body cameras.

It’s a bill that is meant to encourage greater use of body cameras, one that no longer calls for the automatic release of video when there is a suspicion of excessive force or police brutality.

That’s something that was opposed by chiefs of police.

A judge can still be asked to force the release of video in those circumstances. In most other circumstances, members of the public and the media can view and receive copies of body cam video at minimal cost.

Police departments will also be forced to store that video for an extended period of time.

Sen. Rod Bray is the sponsor.

“We talked at length to members of the media, those who’ve been here in the legislature, in the legislative process watching it,” he said. “We’ve talked extensively with law enforcement as well. Everybody seems comfortable with the language.”

Look for votes on the body cam bill to take place Thursday in both the Indiana House and the state Senate.

It is expected to be the final day of the 2016 session.

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