One-handed basketball player finding success on court

(WTHI Photo)

(WTHI) – When you grow up in the southern part of the Wabash Valley basketball isn’t just a game, its a way of life. Shoals sixth grader Blake Cooper understands that.

He spends countless hours in the gym working on his shot.

“I look up to Stephen Curry,” said Blake. “Only way he got better was shooting. Maybe if I shoot a lot and get my form down. I can become like him one day.”

They say practice makes perfect. It certainly turned this 11-year old into quite the sharpshooter, but Cooper can do more than shoot. This past season he led his team in scoring.

This is all impressive when you consider Cooper was born without a left hand. Blake has been showing off his skills on the court, but when you play with just one hand you’re always going to have people that question your ability.

“We’ve had games I’ve seen coaches say don’t worry about guarding him. Then he comes down and hits a three from three feet behind the line,” said Blake’s sixth grade coach Joshua Sexton. “Then coaches who do know him say he’s the best kid on the team. You have to stop one kid, you can’t do it and it’s the kid with one hand.”

There is nothing normal about this talented one-handed 11-year old basketball player from Shoals and those close to him, wouldn’t have it any other way.

“He’s perfect the way he is,” said Blake’s mom Melissa. “I’m very proud of him.”

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