2 Cummins employees dead in murder-suicide at Seymour plant

(WISH Photo/Tim McNicholas)

SEYMOUR, Ind. (WISH) — Police say two people are dead after a murder-suicide in Seymour Thursday morning.

Seymour police and Indiana State Police responded to an active shooter situation at the Cummins Seymour Engine Plant.

The shooting took place on the second floor of the building in a meeting room. A spokesperson for Cummins confirmed it was a worker who shot their manager.

The suspect has been identified as 37-year-old Seymour resident Qing Chen. His victim has been identified as 49-year-old Ward Edwards of Columbus. Police said Edwards was Chen’s supervisor.

A 9mm Glock handgun was found at the scene. Search warrants have been served on both men’s vehicles and Chen’s apartment in Seymour is currently being searched.

“With sadness, we confirm there was a shooting at the Cummins Seymour Technical Center,” a tweet from the company said.

The building was put on lockdown while police were investigating, Cummins spokesman Jon Mills says.

Officials were still looking through the facility to make sure everything is safe, but they expect the plant to be closed for a few days.

During a brief press conference at 11:15 a.m. police confirmed the shooting and that two people had died at the scene. Officials didn’t add an new details.

“Disbelief and shock,” said Simon Hinks, a manager at Cummins in Columbus, who went to the Seymour plant to check on his employees. “It’s very surprising. We’re a real, family company. Columbus is a very family-driven city and now Seymour, as we’ve extended a move to Seymour.”

The Tech Center where the shooting happened was just opened late last year. The shooting forced its 600 employees to evacuate in the pouring rain.

Seymour police is leading the investigation, they wouldn’t elaborate on specifics of what led to the shooting, but offered remorse.

“Right now everything is the best that it can be,” said Seymour Police Chief Bill Abbott.

Shaken employees were told to go home with their families, and to not return until next week.

“You don’t expect to see this sort of stuff in your company on your local doorstep,” said Hinks

Governor Mike Pence spoke on the deadly shooting at Cummins in Seymour, releasing this statement:

Our hearts go out to the family of the victim of this senseless act of violence at the Cummins plant in Seymour earlier today. We commend local law enforcement for thie swift response to this incident and will provide any and all support from the Indiana State Police in the investigation.”

Cummins officials say they are working to make sure that employees get help they might need with grieving.


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