Plainfield not raising taxes to pay for $30M infrastructure improvements

(WISH Photo)

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — The town of Plainfield has grown from 15,000 people in the early 90’s to more than 30,000 people today.

And with that growth comes the need for new infrastructure, and town leaders are figuring out ways to
to do it without raising taxes.

Construction has begun on three new public safety buildings and a beautification project that includes new monuments.

“We want Plainfield to grow and continue to be a viable community.” Town Council President Robin Brandgard said.

“The Plainfield Public Safety Facilities project, designed to handle space and safety issues for police, fire protection, and dispatch services for the foreseeable future in Plainfield, is a project that will involve three new buildings and the remodeling or repurposing of an additional four buildings,” the town said in a press release.

“One time there was only one stop light, now there’s one on every corner.” Longtime resident Larry Malicoup said.

“It can’t be small all the time.” He added

The cost of both projects will be close to $30 million. Brandgard said the town is funding it without raising taxes.

“We have a plan, we follow the plan and we treat everybody equal with it.” Brandgard added.

Brandgard said the town is using bonds plus money they received from their TIF district.

TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing, and it comes from revenue of property taxes from private businesses that call Plainfield home.

“We’ve managed the funds well, and we’re very careful how we spend them, and I think that’s the key; it’s all [about] how you manage it.” Brandgard added.

The Public Safety Buildings Project should be complete in 2018. There’s no word yet on what will happen to the current fire house on Main Street.

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