Bloomington Forensic Scientist is recognized for her work

(Provided Photo/ISP)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — An Indiana State Police Forensic Scientist is being commended for her work in a recent case.

Virginia Maletic was recognized for her work in a burglary and assault case that happened to a 74-year-old woman.

(Provided Photo/ISP)
(Provided Photo/ISP)

In June, 2015, a woman activated her Guardian Medical Alarm and told the company that someone had broken into her apartment and hurt her. It was discovered that a male broke into the apartment and sexually assaulted the female until she activated her alarm. The suspect fled after the alarm was activated.

It was up to Maletic to figure out who the suspect was through forensic evidence because the victim couldn’t remember what he looked like.

She worked for several days and located a single male hair on a piece of bedding. She was able to find the DNA of the suspect through the hair.

She matched the profile to that of an unsolved burglary and sexual assault case from 1999.

After the suspect was found, she compared samples of the DNA and found they were a match, allowing an arrest to be made.

“Virginia is a dedicated and valued member of our laboratory system. She serves professionally in her role as a Forensic Scientist and is a valued asset as a member of the Indiana State Police Biology Section,” said ISP Laboratory Division Commander Major Steve Holland. “Her work has gained her respect from her peers within the scientific community.”

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