Indiana boy signs with New York Yankees for a day

(Provided Photo/New York Yankees)

Elizabeth, Ind. (WISH) – An Indiana boy’s one-day stint with the New York Yankees was a dream come true for 10-year-old Landis Sims.

Landis got to live out his dream of being a professional baseball player.

Since Monday, Landis has gone from the most popular kid at school to the most famous one.

“I got my camera crew with me,” Landis said.

It’s not every day your classmate is a pro baseball player for the New York Yankees.

On Monday, Landis signed a real contract, for real money and became a Yankee for a day. He said it’s like a dream come true.

One of the players even had lunch with him. But it was Landis who taught the players a valuable lesson.

He was born with Congenital Limb differences, no hands or feet. His mom said that he believes he is whole and perfect just the way he is.

He showed the Yankees his skills.

“Landis is more about wanting to show kids what he can do, he’s not about complaining,” Amanda Haag, Landis’ mom said.

This is the first year he’s using a specially made slugger allowing him to hit in a way he hasn’t before and he’s pretty good.

Landis continues to practice and his classmates are cheering him on too.

Popular not just for his skills but more for his heart. Landis says don’t give up, keep trying.

Information from CNN and WAVE-TV. 

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