Indy company is behind new NCAA Tournament designs

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The basketball courts during the NCAA Tournament will look a little bit different this year, and it’s all thanks to a company based in Indianapolis.

“It’s pretty much a 24-hour operation once March Madness begins. It truly is March Madness for us,” Section 127 Executive Creative Director Kyle Eaker said.

The Section 127 design team of 30 began working on the concept more than a year ago. Dozens of different designs later, a new center court logo was born.

The logo that once simply read “NCAA” now says “March Madness.”

“They’ve really taken a strong approach to their branding this year, moving forward so all of this is an effort to build equity in their brand for March Madness,” Eaker said about the NCAA.

Also new this year: The host city’s name will be emblazoned on each floor.

“You’ll be able to tell that this is the first round of Brooklyn, Des Moines, Raleigh and St Louis,” Eaker explained.

This isn’t the first March Madness for Section 127, they’ve been designing the tournament’s look for years.

And like any good tournament team, they have their timing down pat, including exactly when to print and deliver the designs.

“We pretty much discourage March being any vacation time for sure because it is so busy,” Eaker added.

The NCAA just signed Section 127 to a new contract which means the company will be designing the tournament’s graphics into the next decade.

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