Teen caught with fake gun permit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A 14-year-old boy going through processing at the Marion County Juvenile Center had a fake handgun permit in his possession. Investigators did not say where the boy got the fake permit.

In the police report, the boy told officers he could get a gun whenever he wanted one.

24-Hour News 8 found several sites online offering fake handgun permits. According to the Indiana State Police website, there are several steps one must go through to get a gun permit. Those steps include applying online, going through finger printing, and having to check in with your local police department.

A copy of the boy’s fake gun permit has not been released.

“I would hope law enforcement would know the difference,” said Steve Goodman who is currently applying for a gun permit.

Indiana gun permits are pink, and are about the size of your driver’s license. It also has a license number on the front, with an Indiana seal, and expiration date. The back of the card is filled with documentation from the State of Indiana.


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