Pence signs several bills into law Monday

(WISH Photo/Marcus Collins)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Governor Mike Pence signed several bills into law on Monday.

Most of the bills deal with fighting drug abuse across Indiana. The governor’s office says three of the bills are the results of a task force set up by the Governor’s office to look at treatment and prevention.

One establishes a commission to combat drug abuse. It’s HEA 1235. The bill will ensure that convicted felons may not receive a suspended sentence if the offense involves meth or heroin and if the person has prior conviction of dealing either cocaine, heroin or meth.

“The scourge of drug abuse has brought heartbreak for far too many Hoosiers families,” said Governor Pence. “Drug abuse problems are not unique to our state, but I’m determined to meet this challenge head-on here in Indiana.”

Another bill signed by Pence, stiffens drug penalties and requires a statewide standing prescription for overdose intervention drugs.

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