Candid Camera: People caught swiping signs supporting Donald Trump

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The heated presidential race continues with people stealing campaign signs from a home on the north side of Indianapolis.

The victim who didn’t want to be identified told 24-Hour News 8 he filed several police reports.

He even installed a security camera after the signs supporting Donald Trump went missing.

“Well, after some careful consideration of whom I want to support in this year’s election I decide to support Donald Trump,” said the theft victim. “I went ahead and bought two signs, put them out in my front yard, put one out at a time and within two days both of the signs were gone.”

Surveillance videos captured the thefts and most of them happened during the day. You could see people getting out of cars or walking by. Many of them grabbing the signs then taking off.

“I installed a security system and like, walah, within a week I had like two to three videos,” he said. “I think I started doing this early march and I’ve got about eight or nine now.”

In one video, a woman is seen getting out of the passenger side door. She walks around before going in for the target. The Trump supporter said each sign cost him around $15. He said more than 12 have been stolen.

“The signs do cost money and you’re essentially stealing money out of somebody’s pocket and you’re suppressing their right to free speech,” he said.

With the presidential election coming up, supporters are rallying behind their candidates. In this case, the victim said it’s all about the first amendment to free speech.

“It’s a total infringement on your first amendment right  which it’s a beautiful thing that we have in America. There’s a lot of countries where you don’t have that right,” he said. “Whether you’re liberal or conservative I think you have the right to support the candidate that you choose.”

He said he lived in the north side neighborhood for many years without any problems.

“I just ask the people of Indianapolis to respect other people’s opinions regardless whether their views are in line with yours or not,” he said.

The victim said police are still investigating. He said they were able to resolve one case.

Last year, police received several reports for issues over the “Pence Must Go” signs.

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