Deputy Koontz’s final resting spot filled with plenty of heroes

On Tuesday, Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz will be buried alongside several other heroes. (WISH photo/Nick Natario)

KOKOMO, Ind (WISH) – The cemetery where a fallen deputy will be laid to rest is filled with plenty of Howard County’s finest.

Grounds crew at the Kokomo cemetery were busy getting ready Monday. On Tuesday, Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz will be buried at Albright Cemetery.

The deputy was killed while serving a warrant. But before he gets buried, caretaker Terry Querry spent extra time making sure the grounds are ready.

“It’s just a labor of love,” Querry said. “You can’t do wrong by doing the right thing. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Wood marks the spot where Koontz will be buried. Querry says it’s near some of his family members.

He’s also next to law enforcement family. Feet away lies another Howard County sheriff deputy.

And as Querry pointed out, there are people here that have given a lot to this country. “There was people, that’s buried here that was born in the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s,” Querry said.

You can find markings for people who served in both world wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

There’s even someone from Operation Enduring Freedom.

Despite the heroes already here at the cemetery, the crew siad they’ve never dealt with a crowd like they’ll see Tuesday. “We’ve been told to expect anywhere up to and including 2,000 people,” Querry said.

Querry said getting ready for Tuesday’s funeral is like any other. But he admits, the blue ribbons lining the street and grounds are a reminder it will be anything but.

“Kokomo will turn out in force to pay their respects,” Querry said.

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