IMS salutes Final Four competitors

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — All eight teams in town to compete for a national title dispersed on Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday evening.

Stands usually filled with Indy Car fans turned into a special event for the Women’s Final Four. While basketball stays the main focus, it’s hard not to admire the cars and the hardware.

“They’ve gotten to experience a lot of cool things and this is just one more thing. And it’s so huge!” said Beth Buchanon, the parent of a player. “How many people fit in this place? It’s unbelievable.”

It’s a venue that any sports fan can appreciate, especially those from the Hoosier State.

“It’s really exciting. I was showing everybody where I lived on the bus ride up here. My grandfather was a big fan of race cars, so I watched it with him,” said Shelby Rupp, a freshman with Thomas More College.

“We’re excited to be here and Indianapolis is a great host. You come to the speedway and it’s great with the environment and everybody here. But they’ll learn some history tonight,” said Jeff Hans, head coach with Thomas More College.

It’s a nice distraction for the ladies before spending the next two days focusing on the task at hand.

99 champions have kissed the yard of bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a feeling only champions can understand. And come this week, only three women’s basketball teams will have the same feeling.

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