Johnson County resident falls victim to scam involving iTunes cards

Police lights
(WISH Photo/Brett Bensley)

JOHNSON COUNTY,Ind. (WISH) – A Johnson County resident recently fell victim to a scam involving iTunes cards.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, an officer responded to a call of a fraud report in the 3000 block of San Jose Drive in Greenwood on Thursday March 31.

Police said¬†that Donald Delon told police that he received a call telling him that Delon’s grandson had been arrested.

The caller, who identified himself as Sergeant Hammond, said that Delon needed $2,000 in iTunes cards in order to bail out his grandson.

Delon then purchased the cards and provided the man claiming to be Sergeant Hammond with the card information. The man then told Delon his grandson would be released.

Delon soon after told his son-in-law about the incident, who attempted to use the cards before the individual claiming to be a member of law enforcement could.

Police say that Delon and his son-in-law then contacted Apple, who instructed them to file a fraud report with police.

No more information is available about the incident at this time.

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