Millions saved in gas in 2016, Wal-Mart revamping credit card rewards program

Photo of Walmart location. (WISH Photo

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Americans have saved millions of dollars on gas this year, and Wal-Mart is revamping its credit card rewards program.

According to AAA, Americans saved nearly $10 billion so far in 2016.

The national average for gas was $1.86 a gallon in the first quarter. It was the cheapest quarterly gas prices in 12 years.

In other business news, starting Friday, Wal-Mart said its credit cards will offer a percentage of cash back to users.

Wal-Mart is calling it a simplified rewards value proposition, called “3-2-1 save.”

The new program allows users to earn three percent cash back on purchases made on; two percent cash back on fuel purchases at the store or Murphy USA gas stations; and one percent back on purchases made at Wal-Mart stores or anywhere Wal-Mart credit cards or MasterCard is accepted.

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