Driver makes it out of crushed car, says it’s a miracle he survived

A wall holding a restaurant sign fell over in high winds Saturday, April 2, 2016. (Photo by Amber Glass-Chesterfield)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A man believes it’s a miracle that he survived after making it out of a crushed car on Saturday.

Strong winds knocked a brick sign down on his car. It happened in the parking lot of a phone store on 86th Street.

The man was treated and released from the hospital with a mild concussion, stitches and staples to his head.

Mike, who didn’t want to share his last name, said he went to the Sprint store looking to get an upgrade for his phone when Mother Nature had something else in mind.

His black Honda Accord is now flattened with shattered windows, broken glass and blown out tires. The damage was all caused by dozens of bricks.

“I was lucky. I know I was very lucky,” he said.

Mike said he doesn’t remember much from Saturday. He had just pulled into the parking lot, opened the door, and was in the process of getting out.

“I didn’t know what happened. It threw me out on the pavement of the parking lot I was kind of dazed,” he said.

Several people rushed out to help bring him inside to the Sprint store.

“My head got hit and didn’t realize how much of an extent was,” he said. “I noticed my hair was getting really full of fluid and it was blood.”

Inside an employee administered first aid and someone called 911. Tim Kretzer works at the store.

“I mean it was one of those divine favor things. I mean in any situation the way all the tires were popped, the roof was caved in it looked completely crazy,” he said. “The only explanation was he had somebody looking out for him.”

Kretzer also does ministry work for his church. Not sure of what more they could do to stop the bleeding, he said he turned to his faith.

“I was like I’m a minister do you mind if I pray for you?” he said. “So me and my other Christian coworkers just laid hands on him and begin to pray with him to give him some peace and comfort.”

Mike said he is grateful and very thankful for everyone that helped him that day.

He told 24-Hour News 8 he couldn’t help but to think about his young daughter while sitting in the back of the ambulance. He said she is usually with him and would have been sitting in the back seat. She was out of town for spring break.

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