Firefighter Tim shares family recipes

He’s sharing his Grandma Vera’s cooking secrets! Firefighter Tim takes over the Indy Style kitchen to make us a true Italian family favorite!

Recipe: Sauce

Put oil in heavy bottomed stock pan
Cut onions (sweet or white) about half a cup in small cubes
Put onions in oil once it’s hot and sauté unil translucent.
Put in tablespoons and half of tomatoe paste cook the tomatoe paste to get rid of raw flavor (4 or 5 minutes)
Put in tablespoon of garlic keep garlic moving; do not let it burn or it will get bitter.
Add in dried thyme, basil and oregano about a teaspoon of each. Be careful of oregano, it also can make your sauce bitter if u add too much.
Add in half tablespoon of salt, fresh ground pepper and crushed red pepper (to taste).. u have to adjust seasoning as u go.
After about a minute, deglaze pan with about 1 cup or cup and half of red wine (or as much as u want)
Stir it and get bits from bottom of pan, then add in 3 (large cans) of crushed tomatoes, plus one can of water. Bring to boil; once it’s boiling, add in a teaspoon of sugar (cuts the acid), throw in your meat (either meatballs or sausage)
Turn it down and simmer. Especially with meatballs, be gentle; use wooden spoon; u don’t want to break up your meatballs.

Recipe: Sausage and peppers (to go with you sauce)

Start with oil in large pan you would use for sautéing. Something with a high smoke point; u can use olive oil, but it doesn’t have a super high smoke pt, so be careful when heating; don’t get it smoking or the oil will get acrid. Cut up half cup or cup of sweet onions. Cook until translucent add in red, yellow and green peppers; sauté until tender but not totally soft, u want a good bite to it. Add in good Italian sausage both sweet and hot… sweet just means it’s not hot. Cut into pieces; cooks better. Add in teaspoon of dried thyme, basil, crushed red pepper to taste and oregano. After everything is almost done, sausage has a little pink; add in your fresh garlic; sauté, don’t let it burn; then hit it with a cup and half of red wine (deglaze your pan) get the bits up off the bottom, that’s your flavor. Let the wine cook down and finish your sausage by poaching, it makes it softer with a good sauce. Take it out and place it on large platter; take fresh basil and at least 5 or 6 big leaves and cut into a chiffonade (roll leaves up and cut like strips). Sprinkle fresh basil over the whole thing and shave good Parmesan over it w/vegetable peeler. Serve with spaghetti and sauce. Garnish the spaghetti with Romano and fresh, basil too.

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