Sen. Donnelly inspects missile sites in Israel

ISRAEL (WISH) – Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly recently returned from a trip to Israel. He was there to inspect missile defense systems.

Senator Donnelly led a Congressional delegation to five countries to determine whether Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are safe from missile threats in Iran.

He met with leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also visited with American troops and military leaders to discuss ongoing threats in the Middle East.

His is the ranking member on a subcommittee that oversee missile defense in Israel and came back with the belief that things are going well.

“Despite the threats from Iran that actually our friends are getting stronger, our friends are increasing in their ability to protect themselves,” he said, “and their missile defense systems have never been better.”

Donnelly says a number of the people he talked with, including both troops and foreign leaders, expressed concern about the current Presidential campaign.

He says he assured them that, no matter what happens in the election, Congress will be involved in military decisions going forward and that little will change.

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