‘I will never forget her’: Father of baby found unresponsive at daycare shares memories

Taliah Brigham (Photo Courtesy: Family)

SPEEDWAY, Ind (WISH) — The father of a baby who was found unresponsive at a Speedway daycare is speaking out.

Troyel Brigham says he was working Wednesday about 80 miles away from Indianapolis in Danville, Illinois, where he lives. He knew something was wrong when his dad showed up. His dad explained there was an emergency and he needed to get to Indianapolis immediately.

It was the longest hour and fifteen minutes of Brigham’s life. “For the whole ride it was just me having faith and hoping that she could pull through,” he said.

He arrived at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to find his daughter, Taliah, lifeless, “It crushes me to see an 11-month-old baby laying down, wired up. You would think, the best judgement, she had the best care, that she would pull through,” Brigham hoped.

But baby Taliah didn’t pull through. Brigham was there when his daughter died a short time later. “To be honest, the pain is just… I couldn’t use words to explain it,” he said.

There are, however, plenty of words to describe his daughter; beautiful and bubbly are just a couple.

“You could walk up in the room and as soon as you call her name, you just see those cheeks flair up, see her little eyes she makes. She just squealed up and she just reaches to you. It’s just irresistible just not to pick her up,” he said.

Being able to pick her up, to hold her is what he longs for. “I can hold on to her spiritually, mentally,” he explained. “But I will not be able to hold her physically; that’s the thing that I’m really going to miss the most.”

Brigham now turns to his faith to get through. “Even though I lost that star, I still have it, because she is is still within me.” he said. “I still wish that she was still here. But I will live my life through her. I will never forget her,” he said.

Police say a worker told them baby Taliah was found unresponsive in a car seat at Miracles and Blessings Daycare Ministry in Speedway. The worker performed CPR. Authorities say there was one worker and 36 children at the facility.

Brigham wanted to make it clear, until the investigation is complete, he does not have an opinion on the daycare.

Visitation for Taliah will be held on Sunday at Lighthouse Tabernacle at 2599 E 98th Street in Indianapolis. Visitation will take place before the service from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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