Pastors postpone news conference on police action shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A group of local pastors postponed a scheduled a Monday news conference to talk about the latest police action shooting involving Kevin Hicks.

The pastors scheduled the event three days in advance; however, Monday morning Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry held a news conference.

In the news conference, Curry informed the public he has no plans to release the video tied to the deadly shooting.

Pastor Dewayne Moore cited Curry’s news conference as a reason why the pastors wanted more time to deliberate before making a comment on the case.

“We are not here to fight administration, we are here to help the community be better,” said Rev. Moore.

Hicks’ widow attended the discussions. She clutched a picture of her husband as she walked into Mt. Olivet Baptist Church.

She declined to make a comment to the media as she sat inside the church.

The group of pastors are scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss the police action shooting again, and the group could hold another news conference next week.

Rev. Moore gave vague insight on what the group will discuss on Wednesday.

“One bullet point, I will give; we are working on the betterment of our community,” said Rev. Moore.

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