Prosecutor: Video of police shooting will be released after investigation

Terry Curry (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said during a news conference that the video from the deadly police shooting will not be released until after the investigation is complete.

The shooting happened at a gas station near 10th and Rural streets on Tuesday. Police shot and killed Kevin Hicks after they say he got into a fight with an IMPD officer.

Calls to release the deadly police shooting surveillance video went unanswered on Thursday. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office plans on following the established internal procedures when releasing video in the Hicks case. The prosecutor’s office now said they will not release the video, saying it is an ongoing investigation.

Curry said that their role is to determine if if a crime has been committed. It is up to police to determine if procedures are appropriate. He also said that he understands the public’s concern but they will not release information until the investigation is complete.

At this time it’s not clear if the case will be presented to the grand jury.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief of Police Troy Riggs said the public will see the video once the investigation is complete.

IMPD has not yet released the name of the officer involved in the shooting, saying they are waiting to make sure that no threats against the officer or his family is made.

Riggs said that “We can never be afraid of truth, we have to get truth out there no matter what it is,” despite the criticism he got for releasing information.

A group of local pastors will also held a news conference on Monday at to talk about the Kevin Hicks case and what needs to be done moving forward.

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