NY university mistakenly emails thousands of acceptance letters

BUFFALO, NY (WISH) – The University of Buffalo is in hot water after they mistakenly emailed 5,000 acceptance letters.

School officials said the mistake was made when an incorrect email list was generated from an applicant database.

They said three to four hours after they discovered the mistake, they emailed applicants a letter of explanation, including the university’s apology.

The university issued a written statement that said, “All the application are still under review, and the students are still being considered for acceptance by the university.”

A student at the university said he also got an email by mistake the same day. He said this time it was terminating his financial aid.

“I got an email on Friday at about 5:30 saying that my financial aid was canceled. My account went into a negative balance,” Patrick Youngs, Current UB student said.

Youngs said they told him it was a mistake after he emailed them.

The university said it’s working to ensure these types of errors don’t happen again.

CNN contributed to this report.


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