‘Smarttress’ can tell you if your partner is cheating

(AP Photo)

(WISH)–If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is.

That’s the slogan for a brand new mattress a company is testing in Spain.

The company is testing the trust between relationships by using a new invention.

The Durmet “smarttress” uses 24 ultrasonic wave sensors to detect when your mattress is being used while you are not at home and it can also determine how many occupants are using it.

In an age of cheating websites and more and more divorce, the company promises that you can feel comfortable in your relationship all day and all night.

The mattress has a built-in “Lover Detection System” that generates a 3D map to show what areas of the mattress are getting greater pressure and what movements are happening.

After questionable activity is found, you will get an alert sent to your smartphone.


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