IMPD spreading the word about gun safety to kids

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A police program is working to protect kids from tragedies involving guns. Police say a two-year-old died of an accidental shooting on the north west side of Indianapolis Wednesday night. That’s exactly what IMPD officer Marilyn Gurnell is trying to stop from happening.

Her program teaches kids about gun safety and what to do if they find a gun.

“We’ve had so many incidents where kids, second graders and under, find a loaded gun and don’t realize and they are thinking its a toy,” said Gurnell. “They pick it up and pull the trigger.”

It’s a an issue that hits hard for Officer Gurnell. That’s why she is so passionate about the IMPD’s Annual Gun safety poster contest.

Gurnell went to second grade classrooms in Indianapolis public school system to talk gun safety during their ISTEP testing. She challenged the students to design a poster with a clear gun safety message. The department then voted on the winning artwork.

“What we did was read the message the message is very important and at second grade the artwork is good too but we are mainly looking for what their message reads,”said Gurnell.

This year’s winning slogan was:
“If you are gun free you will be very happy as you can see,” says Nathaniel Davis. His posted won the top prize.

“All I did was thought about my family and everybody else I just didn’t want anybody to get hurt,” said Davis.

Both Officer Gurnell and Nathaniel say they just want to make a difference.

“If they understand that gun can take a life then maybe they won’t touch one,” said Gurnell.

“I’m hoping that people will follow the messages that all of us give for guns,” said Davis.

The award ceremony is set for Friday at the JTV Hill Community Center. Nathaniel’s poster along with a few of the other winners will hang in the Professional Police Credit Union Building on East Washington Street.


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